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Dental Price

Find the right balance between what you pay out of your paycheck and what you pay when you get care.

When you make a purchase, you decide how you want to pay. Would you rather pay cash now or use credit and pay later? It’s the same idea with the exchange.

Just like your medical coverage, your dental coverage costs will depend on a few factors:

The Amount of Your credit From Aon

All eligible colleagues will receive a credit to use toward the cost of coverage.

You’ll see the credit amount from Aon and your price options for coverage when you enroll.

The Coverage Level You Choose

The Bronze coverage level generally costs less per paycheck. That’s because some services aren’t covered and because it has the lowest benefit maximum.

The Silver coverage level is moderately priced since most services are covered. However, the benefit maximum is lower.

The Gold coverage level costs more per paycheck since most services are covered. The benefit maximum is also higher.

The Platinum coverage level generally costs less. It provides comprehensive coverage for in-network care only.

The Insurance Carrier You Choose

Certain insurance carriers may be able to provide a more competitive price per paycheck.

Your Dependents

You can enroll any combination of you, your eligible spouse/domestic partner, and your children in the option you choose.

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