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Contact a Health Pro

Have questions about your claims or coverage? Start by contacting your insurance carrier directly. They know their coverage rules best and have the final say on all claims and billing disputes.

Sometimes you need more help than your insurance carrier can provide. If you have a billing issue, such as your provider charging you more than the amount your EOB says you owe, or you believe your plan covers more than what your Explanation of Benefits (EOB) shows, Alight Advocacy Services is available. Alight Health Pros are experts in handling claims and billing disputes and can work with you on your behalf to resolve issues. Find more information about Health Pros here.

If you aren’t satisfied with the resolution of a claim or billing dispute, you can file an appeal through your insurance carrier, who will be able to direct you through that process. Aon doesn’t have any influence on the outcome. The insurance carrier—not Aon—is responsible for the cost of claims.

Have a large provider bill? Bill negotiation services may be able to save you 20% or more.


Don’t worry. You have backups. When you face a billing issue:

  1. Start with your insurance carrier.
  2. Email a Health Pro at AlightHealthPro@alight.com or call 1.866.300.6530 if you need help.
  3. File an appeal if you’re unhappy with the final outcome.

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